Snow-bration 2011

31 Dec

This year I wanted to start a new tradition, so I came up with a little party with my BFF and her kiddos. I called it “Snow-bration”, we held the shindig on the first day of winter and hopefully will be able to do this every year it was a blast. I jumped on my favorite site Pinterest and gathered a few ideas.

First the food I found the cutest snowman pizza idea from this blog

Pinned Image

I wanted to change it up a bit so I used biscuit dough, so each kiddo could build their own mini snowman pizza.


Every party has to include a fun craft, saw this neat idea here

Marshmallow stamping, the girls came up with several cute snowmen pictures. It was really cool using the marshmallows to stamp with.

On to the games, I teach PE at a local preschool and last year we used a few bags of cotton balls on a parachute to create a snow fall effect. I remembered how all the kids loved this game, I scaled it down so we could play in the living room and it was a big hit! Lots of laughter and big smiles! All you need is cotton balls and a parachute, you could even use a sheet or blanket. I read a short book with the word Snow mentioned a lot and every time I said snow they would shake the parachute and make it snow. Then they played freestyle which lead to a fun indoor snowball fight!



Love making memories with these amazing kids!


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