24 Jan

So my middle Son asked if he could make a T-shirt in order to get tickets for fun things at school. The cause for the shirt to get kids to stop cursing at school. The slogan “Dare Not To Swear”. I told him we could come up with something, but we had to use things we had here at home to make it with. The hunt was on. He found an old white Tee that had a pink stain across the backside.  I found a pair of my daughters 3 sizes to small gray leggings. We found some paint. All we needed was stencil or something to help us paint on the words. That’s when I remembered those foam bath letters, that I almost got rid of but didn’t because I am a hoarder! I cut the pants into strips, he painted the letters and stamped them on, then we stitched the pieces onto the Tee all messy like to look cool…. 😉 He really wanted the pink covered up somehow so we splattered a little paint here and there. He loved how it looked, so did his buddies and teacher. He got his tickets and now wants to make one for his Teacher to wear! 



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