Valentines Party Game

19 Feb

Another party of 2012 over and out!  I will start with sharing one of my game ideas I planned for the kids. I called it “Deliver the Valentine” creative right? First I made a large mailbox from an old, lots of dents tears good stuff, science board. I just painted the whole thing blue, added a red construction paper stripe, black construction paper to give it an effect of legs and white felt sticker letters (I found in my craft supply). The whole project took about 30 min and cost me nothing, I love using what I can find here!

So a mailman also has to have a mail bag, so I found a few pieces of dark blue and white felt I had on hand. I am telling you this house is like a junk store look around long enough and you will find anything you could possible want to craft with! I free cut a rectangle and a 3in white stripe. I used my handy dandy glue gun, glued the white stripe down folded the blue in half over the white glued down the sides. Cut a bag handle out of dark blue, I just estimated the length. glued each end to the corners of the rectangle. Turned everything right side out and bingo a cute little mail bag I made 2 for the game. this also was super quick and easy so about 10 mins. total and free again since I used stuff we had.

The game itself was played in a gym, I set up a obstacle course for the kids to follow as they went along they picked up hearts (Valentines) at check points of the obstacle course. They gathered the hearts in the mail bags. Once they reached the end they delivered the Valentines into the mailbox. They loved this game and wanted to do it over and over!


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