Leap Year Day 2012

4 Mar

Leap Day was a lot of fun for us at Preschool, we celebrated all day with fun frog activities. For PE class I came up with a few games.

I blew up green balloons and the kids used the large parachute to keep them hopping (which they love).


Kids love tossing and knocking things down so I created some frog pins that they knocked down with stuffed frogs. I used empty Pringles cans wrapped them in green colored paper printed a frog image from online and glued one to each can. Simple, cute and the children really have fun doing these type of games.



I used scrap felt to make lilly pads, I just cut a circle shape with a notch to resemble a lilly pad. I put hot glue on one side to make them non-slip, which worked very well. 


Then I made a frog Bean bag toss game with a box I found in my junk closet, a piece of green cardboard and some construction paper. I just free handed everything, kept it super simple. Cut a large opening for his mouth to toss a bean bag in. For the bean bag I thought a fly would be perfect. So I used felt, cut 2 black oval shapes, 2 eyes and a set of wings. I just hot glued everything together, left a small hole placed beans in a baggie then inserted them in the hole hot glued shut and I had a little fly to feed the frog.




I set up the lilly pads, a balance beam and the frog toss game as an obstacle course it made for a very “HOPPY” Leap Day in PE!





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