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Community Helpers Craft

24 Feb

This weeks unit in Kindergarten was Community Helpers. For some reason I could not think of a craft for the kids, so I fell back on and old craft I remembered my own kids doing in preschool. Just to find out that on Pinterest this craft is still being used! But I had to add something to it, well just because that’s how I am. So I decided to make these little bags 2 sided. A Doctors bag and a tool box.

Community Helpers Hand Me Down Ideas 5

Community Helpers Hand Me Down Ideas 8

Community Helpers Hand Me Down Ideas 1

Above show the supplies I used . I started by folding large construction paper and then cutting the edges round and a handle to make  a bag, then a piece of paper that would fit inside the bag.

Community Helpers Hand Me Down Ideas 2

Of course it needed to stay together so I punched holes along the bottom so the kids could lace them together with yarn.

Community Helpers Hand Me Down Ideas 3

Then I made and printed out labels that said (blank’s) Tool Box and Doctor (blank’s) Bag. I also found some cute printable’s online for tools and Dr. supplies, to go inside the bags.

Community Helpers Hand Me Down Ideas 7 Community Helpers Hand Me Down Ideas 9

Community Helpers Hand Me Down Ideas 4 Community Helpers Hand Me Down Ideas 6

Overall the kids like doing the craft, their favorite part was lacing up the bag and they thought it was cool how the bag had 2 sides.

Italian Dinner Table Center Pieces

24 Feb

I volunteered to decorate tables for our local preschool fundraiser dinner. The dinner was Italian food from Olive Garden, so I wanted something themed towards that. Since mustaches are so fun I combined that idea with a cute little Chef. I also wanted to keep cost down, so I tried to up-cycle things as much as possible! I requested large and small tin cans from friends and family and everyone helped out. I had 13 cans of my own but I was decorating 27 tables, thanks to all those that helped. The center pieces would not have worked without all your help!

I loved this idea from Kara’s Party Ideas (an amazing place for themed party ideas)

Here was my take on the above idea.

Chef TC 10

Chef TC 9

After tracing a few mustaches patterns and hand cutting about 500 paper mustaches, I started putting everything together.

I wanted everyone to be able to have a mustache to take pictures with and interact in the theme. So each table had a small tin can full of mustaches on Popsicle sticks, to play around with and this went over very well!

Chef TC 1

Chef TC 2

Chef TC 3

Chef TC 4

Here is a fan tutorial I used.
I made mine double sided since the tables would have people on all sides. I used 4 12×12 size scrapbook paper each for the big fans and 4 8×10 size paper for the smaller fans.

Chef TC 5

Onto putting it all together, I hot glued the sticks to the bottom of the cans and then stuffed with old newspaper.
Chef TC 6

Chef TC 7

So ended up with a table full of cutness!
Chef TC 8

Here is how the tables turned out.
Stache decor 1

Stache decor 2

Stache decor 3

The Preschool thought everthing looked great and that made me smile! Here is my crew and I enjoying dinner and mustaches for the evening!



Valentine’s Box

20 Feb

Making Valentine’s boxes is so much fun! For Kate’s class party she wanted something that went along with Rapunzel, of course I hit up Pinterest . We found this awesome Valentine box someone had made. There was no attached website just a photo but it was settled Kate wanted her box to look like this.


So me I wanted to simplify it and came up with a simple yet cute idea. We used a shoe box, some paper, a Pringles can, foam hearts, construction paper and yellow yarn.

Vday Box Hand Me Down Ideas 1

We covered the box in green butcher paper cut out a slot for all her mail, wrapped the can in a silver card stock I had and made a cone for the top of the tower.

Vday Box  Hand Me Down Ideas 2

Cut a window and her name out of construction paper and added some yarn for Rapunzel’s hair. Turned out cute, she loved it and so did her classmates!

Vday Box  Hand Me Down Ideas 4

Vday party 15

The 100th Day of School

10 Feb

Well the 100th Day finally came and Kate was so excited! She needed an outfit, I found a T-shirt at the dollar store and I had 2 bandannas here at home. I cut out the 100 and a rectangle background. We added some ruffles to the bottom of some pants shes about to outgrow. It turned out perfect for her fun day!

100th day 2013 16

100th day 2013 14

In class they did a lot of counting to 100 things, they made fruit loop necklaces, trail mix with 100 items, face painting and 100 day hats.

100th day 2013 18

All the kids did such good jobs on their 100 day projects, here are a few.

100th day 2013 19

100th day 2013 23

100th day 2013 20

100th day 2013 21

100th day 2013 22

100th Day of School Class Treat

10 Feb

I wanted to make something fun for the class. So I found this idea on Pinterest.

Here is what I came up with.

100th day  HandMeDownIdeas

The supplies I used. Wafer cookies, round sandwich cream cookies, snack size baggies, and a print out I made.

100th day 2013 9

Place the cookies in the bag to look like “100” add the paper topper and that’s it. Simple and cheap!

100th day 11

100th day 12

100th Day of School Project

6 Feb

100th day 2013 8

This year has flown bye, I can’t believe it’s already the 100th day of school! The Kindergartners were assigned to make a 100 day project containing 100 items. We wanted to make sure ours was different and fun (and most important CHEAP)! So we found the colored Pom Pom’s, 80 in a pack for $1.00, perfect! We left them sitting out for a few days to get the creative brain juices flowing. Someone mentioned clown hair and that was it, she had her mind set. I really think she had fun counting those Pom Pom’s, she got very excited when she realized 10 groups of 10 made 100.

100th day 2013 2

100th day 2013 5

100th day 2013 6

DIY Campfire Starters

3 Feb

So I saw this cool idea on Pinterest, from this blog:

and saved it to my Neat 4 Camping board.

I have been saving our dryer lint and decided to give it a try.  Here’s what I used, TP rolls and other paper tubes. junk mail and twine. I don’t know why, since you catch them on fire and they are gone forever… but I wanted them to be cute! So I stuffed the rolls, cut small squares from the junk mail, placed the paper over the both ends of the tubes and tied them off with twine.

fire starter 3

fire starter 2

fire starter 1

That’s it quick, easy and effective. I took one straight outback to the fire pit and sure enough it worked great. I’m going to put some in our camping totes and maybe even use them for stocking stuffers at Christmas!