Italian Dinner Table Center Pieces

24 Feb

I volunteered to decorate tables for our local preschool fundraiser dinner. The dinner was Italian food from Olive Garden, so I wanted something themed towards that. Since mustaches are so fun I combined that idea with a cute little Chef. I also wanted to keep cost down, so I tried to up-cycle things as much as possible! I requested large and small tin cans from friends and family and everyone helped out. I had 13 cans of my own but I was decorating 27 tables, thanks to all those that helped. The center pieces would not have worked without all your help!

I loved this idea from Kara’s Party Ideas (an amazing place for themed party ideas)

Here was my take on the above idea.

Chef TC 10

Chef TC 9

After tracing a few mustaches patterns and hand cutting about 500 paper mustaches, I started putting everything together.

I wanted everyone to be able to have a mustache to take pictures with and interact in the theme. So each table had a small tin can full of mustaches on Popsicle sticks, to play around with and this went over very well!

Chef TC 1

Chef TC 2

Chef TC 3

Chef TC 4

Here is a fan tutorial I used.
I made mine double sided since the tables would have people on all sides. I used 4 12×12 size scrapbook paper each for the big fans and 4 8×10 size paper for the smaller fans.

Chef TC 5

Onto putting it all together, I hot glued the sticks to the bottom of the cans and then stuffed with old newspaper.
Chef TC 6

Chef TC 7

So ended up with a table full of cutness!
Chef TC 8

Here is how the tables turned out.
Stache decor 1

Stache decor 2

Stache decor 3

The Preschool thought everthing looked great and that made me smile! Here is my crew and I enjoying dinner and mustaches for the evening!



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