Just a  Mom of 4 kids who’s just trying to keep up! I wanted a place to share and keep my “Hand-Me-Down Ideas”. The name is based on the fact that I am constantly handing down clothes, toys, etc..  from one kid to another here, there and everywhere. So I started thinking hey I do the same with projects. I get tons of ideas from all the wonderful, creative bloggers out there in blog land, friends, family and so on. It’s like a big Hand-Me-Down world.  Oddly enough on some rare occasions, I even come up with what I think is a brilliant idea that may actually work. So I started this blog to give me a place to reference back to and to share with others. What better time to start then the beginning of a new year.

P.S. If you are a stickler for good grammar, correct spelling, punctuation etc… you may not want to read any of my posts. Sorry I just don’t have the time to really worry about all that.

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