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Duck Dynasty Birthday DIY

9 Nov

My son wanted a small, simple Duck Dynasty themed Birthday party. So Here a few things I did, not only simple DIY’s but cheap!

First the cups, I found hunting temporary tattoos and I had clear cups so I cut out the ducks only and applied them to the cups, just like you would your skin. Worked great and we had theme cups for 97 cents!

They looked like this.


Then for the take home treats they each got this. Which came out to under $5.00 a kid.


I found green tins at the Dollar Tree $1.00 each

Duck Dynasty cups at Wal-mart $.89 each

Sunflower seeds $.44 each

Beef sticks a pack of 6 $4.98

Slim Jims 28 pack for $4.98

My son made each kid a paracord key chain

Homemade trail mix


I wanted to make some beards. Just used brown paper, hot glue and bamboo sticks.


Made a simple pattern then went to town making different shaped beards. Stuck them in a coffee tin, added some tissue and later a sign on the front.


For decorations I used my husbands hunting cloth, mixed camo & colored balloons, and some real tree scrapbook paper. Not much to it. The boys seemed to enjoy it!