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Christmas 2011

30 Dec

Every year here at our house we do a different theme of Christmas decor. This year it was turquoise and brown. I was so excited since these colors are a few of my very favs. I had lots of bright ideas and hopeful thoughts of this amazing big beautiful Christmas display that I would put together. Well as usual time slipped by faster than I wanted it to and well I made do with what I had and came up with a semi-big beautiful Christmas display. Of course I did use a Hand-Me-Down ideas or two from blogs and Pinterest (the best place ever on the world-wide web) and actually came up with a few ideas on my own that worked out.

I found this idea here:

Cottage Instincts is a blog packed full of ideas. Here is how my letters turned out. Since I am not a fan of working with glitter my letters didn’t sparkle (I wish they did).

The letters served their purpose, but didn’t look nearly as pretty as intended. Considering 3 out of the 4 kids names start with the same letter, I should have added a middle initial but the boys decided that birth order would be fine.

We have a fake fireplace as we call it, made by my Dad. I wanted to decorate it up a bit so I used this idea. Which I cannot find the link to but is amazing!

 Pinned Image

Used what I had around the house and in my many Christmas boxes and came up with this. Since we have lots of kids around here I used some battery operated tea lights from the dollar store instead of real fire. Oh and this was before I added the stocking letters. These are the times I really wish I had taken better pictures and maybe umm cleaned the mirror….

Now for the one idea I came up with. I found 2 clearance candle trays at Target (fav store) in the perfect color for $1.84 each. Propped them up long ways and set my Joseph and Mary up in front of them, on each side of the mantel. Added a battery operated tea light, that helped the glass glow and waalaa a little extra height and balance to the mantel.

Just for kicks here is how the entire Christmas corner turned out. Can’t wait for next year, maybe I will get started earlier on all the Hand-me-down Ideas I find out there (yeah right).

Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and Holidays!