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Valentines Day Treat

11 Feb

It’s already Valentines? Well in a few days. This year I have the honors of doing the Valentines party at my youngest school. Along with some other great parents. Pictures to come soon from that fun day!

 For my Daughters special Valentines treat to her friends we chose this cute idea from Pinterest.

Love the idea and it’s perfect because the theme this year at school is “Wild About You!” Heres what we did and how ours turned out. Oh and by the way the total cost for the 15 Valentines (plus we can make plenty more) $5.50!  That adds up to 37 cents each! 

Bags of Animal Crackers 1.99

Zip top Valentine bags 40ct 1.00

Scrapbook paper .50

Have a Happy Valentines Day!

Homemade Gifts 2011

2 Jan

For the past 2 years my Sister and I have created homemade gifts for each others kids. It’s been fun, making, creating and then seeing what we each come up with. Our kids even get in on the action and make things for each other. I had a ton of ideas for my Niece and Nephew but finally decided to go with a fort kit, travel pillow and felt food breakfast set.

So many great tutorials for the Fort Kits around but I used this one.

Pinned Image

They turned out cute, although I used grossgrain ribbon I had available and 2 twin sheet sets I found on sale at Target for 4.24. I bought a couple of bags, clothes pins, big clips and rope from the Dollar Tree. Fun in a bag for a long time to come! Here are what mine ended up looking like.


For the travel pillowcase, I found this pin on Pinterest.

Pinned Image

Here is the link

So I used the 2 pillow cases that came with the clearance sets I used for the fort kits. Added a front pocket with velcro to hold everything in turned the pillow long ways and added a grossgrain ribbon handle. I can’t wait to make these for my own kids perfect for road trips and camping!

My son volunteered to model one of the bags for me, here’s how it would be carried.

I wish I would have taken a quick pic of the felt breakfast food set, but I didn’t. I hope to make more soon so I will share then. This was one of my in the middle of the night ideas. I woke up around 4:00 am and just started sewing, the day of our Christmas. Some things always turn out best in a pinch!

Another quick, easy but super cute gift are the T-shirt tote bags tutorial found at this link.

Fell in love with this right away, I have a problem with letting go of old T-shirts some are just too cute. So I sewed up a few added a couple of extra touches to make them different. A ruffle, bow and even a belt.











For my final project I made wash rag travel toothbrush rolls. I saw this pin on Pinterest.

Pinned Image

My project turned out like this, you know I really ought a change thread color every now and then! I will be making more these also for our camping trips!

I say this every year but hopefully next year I will get started on the gifts earlier then the week before Christmas!