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The 100th Day of School

10 Feb

Well the 100th Day finally came and Kate was so excited! She needed an outfit, I found a T-shirt at the dollar store and I had 2 bandannas here at home. I cut out the 100 and a rectangle background. We added some ruffles to the bottom of some pants shes about to outgrow. It turned out perfect for her fun day!

100th day 2013 16

100th day 2013 14

In class they did a lot of counting to 100 things, they made fruit loop necklaces, trail mix with 100 items, face painting and 100 day hats.

100th day 2013 18

All the kids did such good jobs on their 100 day projects, here are a few.

100th day 2013 19

100th day 2013 23

100th day 2013 20

100th day 2013 21

100th day 2013 22


100th Day of School Class Treat

10 Feb

I wanted to make something fun for the class. So I found this idea on Pinterest.


Here is what I came up with.

100th day  HandMeDownIdeas

The supplies I used. Wafer cookies, round sandwich cream cookies, snack size baggies, and a print out I made.

100th day 2013 9

Place the cookies in the bag to look like “100” add the paper topper and that’s it. Simple and cheap!

100th day 11

100th day 12

100th Day of School Project

6 Feb

100th day 2013 8

This year has flown bye, I can’t believe it’s already the 100th day of school! The Kindergartners were assigned to make a 100 day project containing 100 items. We wanted to make sure ours was different and fun (and most important CHEAP)! So we found the colored Pom Pom’s, 80 in a pack for $1.00, perfect! We left them sitting out for a few days to get the creative brain juices flowing. Someone mentioned clown hair and that was it, she had her mind set. I really think she had fun counting those Pom Pom’s, she got very excited when she realized 10 groups of 10 made 100.

100th day 2013 2

100th day 2013 5

100th day 2013 6