Outer Space Crafts

2 Feb

Outer Space Crafts

planet 12

Kindergarten was learning about Outer Space this month, I try to incorporate what they are learning in class to the projects we do for art.

For the first craft I wanted to do bubble wrap painting and decided to give it a try. I love letting the kids use different types of mediums in projects, so I added the paper tube painting, star stickers and an interactive space ship. It swings from the string to look like its flying in space across the planet.

outer space 2

First I started with plain white construction paper and traced a bowl for the planet. This is what the kids will bubble wrap and paper tube paint.

outer space 4

I then found a space ship online and printed it out, the kids can color it anyhow they would like. My local Walmart had the star stickers for $1 a package. Used kite string I had on hand and black construction paper. The tape is to tape the string to the colored and cut out space ship and the back of the black paper.

outer space 3

I was running low on TP rolls so I just cut some extras from wrapping paper rolls and other paper tubes I found. This way they could chose different sizes to use. I picked a few colored paints, and bubble wrap from packing supplies.

outer space 5

The kids painted a color in the middle of pre-cut bubble sheets, stamped them onto the traced circles. They had to paint and stamp a few times to cover the entire planet. Then they choose the tube they wanted and stamped that over the bubble paint, let dry a little while, then cut out their planets. Each kid put star stickers all over the black paper and then I attached the space ship with tape and kite string. They loved how the space ship moved across the page, lots of smiles and count downs when the project was finished.

Outer space 1

For the planet with flying astronaut, I used 2 thin uncoated paper plates, 1 large foam plate, shaving cream, food coloring, pipe cleaner, an astronaut printable, popsicle stick, ribbon and lots and lots of paper towels!

planet 1

First we covered the foam plate in shaving cream added a few dots of food color and then the kids swirled it around with a popsicle stick until the pattern looked nice.

planet page

Then the child placed the uncoated paper plate on top of the shaving cream, pushed down just a little. Then pull straight off it will be coated and a big mess. We did this twice so when the planet is hanging it has two colorful sides.

planet 6

planet 7

Next, and this part I did, you use the popsicle stick to scrap off the remaining shaving cream. The designs on the plates looked so bright and colorful.

planet 8

planet 9

The kids colored the astronaut I attached it to a pipe cleaner, and then between the 2 plates. Just add your string hand it up and enjoy! The kids loved these we added small pictures of their faces onto the helmets.

planet 10

planet 12


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